The story of Skagen Harbour Hotel

In 2011 the hotel's name was changed from Hotel Lille Nord, to Skagen Harbour Hotel, translated to “The Old Ship’s Smith” in English. The decision was taken in the interest of a more authentic profile in relation to the history of the hotel.

In the center of the breakfast restaurant you can see the large fireplace which has been used for generations in shipbuilding. Here burly men hammered and bent iron for the process of shipbuilding in the port of Skagen.

For three generations Skibssmedien was a family run business, who lived off and on the harbor in Skagen. In 2002 the main building was turned into a hotel. In 2006, another radical changes on the location were made, when 22 new apartments were constructed and a total renovation of the existing hotel rooms.

The hotel stands as a modern hotel with spacious and beautiful rooms and apartments, all furnished with all modern amenities. Here there is room for the whole family, and in the pleasant patio you can hear the typical ports sounds, such as throbbing motors from the fishing vessels and sea gulls as they orbit the fishing vessels dock with freshly caught fish.

Here in the private oasis in the middle of the unique Skagen, you can really relax and just enjoy life at Skagen!

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Der arbejdes i den gamle smedie