Green Key

Sustainability at the Hotel

Skagen Harbour Hotel has been environmentally certified by Green Key since 2023. This means that we adhere to a set of mandatory and voluntary criteria related to environmental and climate considerations, including waste sorting, cleaning, energy and water consumption.

Green Key regularly follows up on the certification with inspections and checks. This is your guarantee that your stay at the hotel meets the stringent sustainability criteria of the certification.

Sustainable Initiatives:

  • We use local and organic ingredients for the breakfast buffet
  • We reduce food waste in procurement, preparation, and service
  • We use Swan-labeled cleaning products, which are better for the environment and health
  • We use 100% naturally produced care products from the Danish brand Karmameju, made from natural and organic ingredients
  • We use refillable packaging in the rooms
  • We conserve water with water-saving showers, faucets, toilets, and machines
  • We save on electricity with energy-saving lighting, sensors, and light control
  • We conserve energy by better controlling temperature and indoor climate
  • We sort waste for recycling purposes
  • We purchase up to 25 percent organic products and have recently applied for the Organic Food Label Bronze
  • We phase out single-use plastics and replace them with FSC-certified wooden packaging
  • We offer bike rentals – an environmentally friendly way to explore the city

How can you help?

  • To save detergent, packaging, water, and energy, we offer you the option to use the towel for an extra day (Place the towel on the floor if you wish to have it replaced)
  • Save on your electricity consumption by turning off the lights before you leave
  • Enjoy free and clean tap water, which is better for the environment than bottled water
  • Use our bicycles at the hotel and explore Skagen without environmental impact

About the Green Key Certification:
Green Key is the international eco-label for the tourism industry, awarded to tourist businesses that make an extra effort to protect the environment. Originally a Danish initiative, Green Key is now present in around 4,000 tourist establishments in over 60 countries. Green Key makes it easy for you to find and choose green hotels and conference venues.

A certified environmentally friendly business must meet numerous specific and relevant environmental requirements, ensured through a comprehensive approval process and ongoing inspections. The eco-label makes it easier for accommodations and conference venues to make an effort to care for the environment and showcase their commitment.