About Skagen Harbour Hotel

For three generations, the ship smithery was a family-run business situatued on the port of Skagen and living off the port, too. In 2002 the ship smithery was acquired and the main building was transformed into a hotel. In 2006 another radical change began on this location, and then the construction of the 22 holiday apartments and a total renovation of the existing hotel rooms started.

The story behind the hotel

Didde and Jesper Winter buy and take over the hotel on March 15, 2019, and they continuously make their mark at the Skagen Harbour Hotel having a burning intention of being the best of hosts.

Didde and Jesper are both born and raised in Skagen, and here they have being running the iconic restaurant on the harbor for several years: i.e. Skagen Fiskerestaurant. The restaurant is located in the old Bindesbøll houses, where the restaurant has been situated for almost 50 years.

Now, Didde and Jesper have a hope of being able to unite the many guests of the hotel and the central location of the hotel with the central location of the restaurant, thus offering the guests the full experience of Skagen, i.e. a genuine and authentic Skagen.

A part of something bigger

It is our heritage and our promise is to offer the rest of the world a bite of our unique spot on the map of Denmark that lives in our heart, our Skagen. Based on the Skagen Fish Restaurant, we have developed a concept in which we embrace both the refined exclusivity that Skagen throughout history is known to attract, and we also feel equally at home in the raw, truly unpolished Skagen.

Based on the Skagen Fish Restaurant, Skagen Group has been based at Skagen Harbour for almost 50 years and Skagen Group has in 2016 opened the Skagen Fish Restaurant Illum ROOFTOP in the heart of Copenhagen. Skagen Bjeskeri (a kind of snaps) was founded in 2013 following the same vision and by March 2019 the Skagen Harbor Hotel has become part of us as we communicate and tell our story.

Skagen has everything, and it offers contrasts which cannot be found anywhere else in Denmark. Welcome to Skagen.

Welcome to Skagen.

Visit the restaurant

Skagen Fiskerestaurant

Visit the restaurant which has been housed at the port of Skagen for almost 50 years, serving freshly caught fish every day directly from the auction.

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Skagen Bjesk (a kind of snaps)

A classic bjesk from Skagen – made from wild herbs and berries that grow wild in the dunes, high moor and on the moorland areas inside and outside of Skagen.

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Skagen Webshop

Pamper yourself or someone you love offering them an experience or a taste of Skagen – e.g. an event, a stay in Skagen, a bottle of bjesk or even cookbooks.

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Experience Skagen

  1. Råbjerg Mile - 16 km.
  2. Skagens Museum - 1,5 km.
  3. Anchers House - 1,6 km.
  4. The Grey Lighthouse - 3,8 km.
  5. The Tilt Lighthouse - 2 km.
  6. Royal Villa - 1,5 km.
  7. Skagen Fiskerestaurant - 0,5 km.
  8. Drachmanns House - 0,5 km.
  9. Skagen Marina - 0,5 km.
  10. Grenen - 4,3 km.
  11. The Sanded Church - 4,2 km.
  12. Sunset Square - 4,2 km.
  13. Beach by Damstederne - 2,5 km.
  14. Skagen Sønderstrand - 2 km.
  15. Skagen City Center - 0,7 km.