You will find the special atmosphere of the hotel bar – right here.

The personal service

Enjoy a cold beer, a freshly brewed espresso or a glass of rosé wine in the sun. Our hotel bar is full of holiday atmosphere, which makes the hotel even more appealing to our guests.

Skagen Fiskerestaurant

Visit the restaurant which has been housed at the port of Skagen for almost 50 years, serving freshly caught fish every day directly from the auction.


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Skagen Bjesk (a kind of snaps)

A classic bjesk from Skagen – made from wild herbs and berries that grow wild in the dunes, high moor and on the moorland areas inside and outside of Skagen.


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Skagen Webshop

Pamper yourself or someone you love offering them an experience or a taste of Skagen – e.g. an event, a stay in Skagen, a bottle of bjesk or even cookbooks.